Persoonlijke ontwikkeling


Successful organisations systematically increase the autonomy of their collaborators. Personal leadership is a necessary condition.

The good news? Leadership skills can be developed. The bad news? A traditional classroom approach does not work.

Trüvius has a network of certified coaches and trainers who, together with their clients, give shape to powerful personal development journeys and interventions.



Innovative organisations create a context in which people work together smoothly. There is no free lunch. Working in a team is not an obvious thing to do. The science is clear: developing teams requires adequate support and focus.

Perhaps you want to inspire your management team? Organise a successful team meeting or seminar? Leverage the diversity of different stakeholders?



A growing number of organisations see no other option: the organisation structures have to be reinvented. They are driven by:

  • an increased awareness of the choices an organisation can make;
  • the ongoing digitisation and the emergence of artificial intelligence;
  • the motivation of people which is influenced by purpose, self-development and -organisation;
  • the disruptive times we live in.


We all want change, but do not want to be changed. Dealing with and managing change has long proven to be an essential competency in any organisation. Different approaches on how best to deal with change exist, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, managing change is increasingly becoming a necessary competency of every autonomous collaborator.

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