We live in very interesting times, the age of disruption with its specific digital, social, ecological, economic and human challenges. We see many customers and stakeholders in our society reinventing themselves. Building soulful organisations becomes more and more a necessity.


Soulful organisations are building the future. The success factor of these organisations? They ruthlessly put people at the heart of everything they do. Hence the choice to use the man of Vitruvius, Trüvius in short, Leonardo Da Vinci's icon for the ‘homo universalis’, the ‘Renaissance man’, as symbol of our organisation.


Möbius, a management consultancy with almost 100 collaborators, has been realising successful projects for more than 20 years in all sectors of society: government, industry, services, banking, healthcare, et cetera.

Möbius wants to have a positive impact on society by bringing together exceptional people and organisations to achieve exceptional results.

To accomplish this even better, Möbius now also offers its 'soft' services through Trüvius. Do you want to develop people, stimulate collaboration, structure your organisation in an innovative and agile way or handle change smoothly and efficiently? Do you and your organisation want to build a human-friendly workplace and make a difference?

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